Andrew Furey Portfolio

Illustris: Prototype RIS

Illustris logo

Project Summary

Illustris was a group project I worked on in my Software Engineering course. We were tasked with building an application that replicated some of the functionality found in a Radiology Information System. Our group programmed Illustris with Java utilizing the SpringBoot framework. We initially implemented the project database using PostgreSQL, but built out the capability to use any SQL-based database.

Splash Screen

Illustris Startup

Upon starting the Illustris Java application, this splash screen greets users. after clicking the login button the user is taken to a standard login form. The application can be run on a local machine using port 8080 or can be installed on a remote server and accessed through a website. we wanted to build a foundation for a system that could be deployed on or accessed by a wide variety of systems.

Patients View

Updatable Database

Illustris runs on top of an SQL database that can be updated and displayed across multiple views. the type of database can be changed by including the correct drivers the POM.XML file and altering the Springboot configuration file to the desired database type.


User Interface

Across the application there are multiple views that allow the user to create, view, and update various database tables. We created a HTML based user interface that uses forms as the main data entry method. Illustris uses the Bootstrap 5 framework and Thymeleaf templates to quickly and efficiently add styling and additional functionality.

Users View

User Roles

The system supports user roles with different levels of access as well as settings and controls. The main user roles wwe focused on were Admin, Medical, and Basic User. Basic Users have a simple user account with minimal access. Medical users are also able to view, create, and update sensitive medical information, while Admins can access every facet of the system.

Findr: Android Application


Project Summary

Findr was a group project I worked on in my Android App Development Course. We were tasked with building a functional app of our choice that demonstrated the knowledge learned during the semester. Our three-member group chose to make a movie rating and search app utilizing the Java programming language and Google's Firebase noSQL database system. The database consisted of archived IMDb movie ratings and our own personal movie ratings. At the conclusion of our project we published the app on the Google play store where it is currently available for download.

App Main View
App Rating View

App Views

The app consist of the main and search views, which allow the user to select a genre of movie and then search a list of movies within that genre. The search view uses Android's recycler view to display a large list of movies retrieved from the database. Once the user selects an individual movie they are then brought to the movie that contains detailed information about that movie.

Project Demonstration

In order to present the application we created a video demonstrating the features and the individual app views.

Aeon: RPG

opening scene

Project Summary

Aeon is a role-playing adventure game I created for my Computer Science Senior Project. For the Senior Project we were asked to create an application of our choice that demonstrates the skills and knowledge we learned during our Computer Science classes. As I had some experience with game development I chose to create a video game targeted towards the destop environment. I spent the semester developing Aeon in C++ using Unreal Engine 4.27.

Player View

Health and Magic Systems

The user interface features a fully functional Health and Magic system reflecting damage taken and healing, as well as magic used and regenerated. I created Health and Magic pickups that can recharge both attributes upon player approach. When the player health goes below a certain threshold the player can die. Once the player dies they are given the option to restart the level or quit the game.


Interactable Environment

Aeon's environment can by interacted with by the player. I created various classes to handle interaction functionality. For example, the StandingStone and PressurePlate classes generate an event based on player proximity or the total weight of overlapping objects. I use the StandingStone actor to spawn other actors and to activate the winning game state.

Project Demonstration

CSCI 3000 Example Websites

Project Summary

This website is the coursework I completed during my Web Programming course. Each week we were required to demonstrate our grasp of web programming by creating various websites. These websites demonstrate various frameworks and languages from basic HTML, CSS and Javscript to more complex sites with SQL databases with PHP backends and with responsive frontends.